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Bronx Charter School For Better Learning

Parent Information

Here is the HOME CONNECT link that parents can use to log in and see what their child is being tested on and their progress. Parents should use the student's log in and password to sign in.

This second link is a free online tool that will help parents to find appropriate Accelerated Reader books for their child.

All students must wear uniforms, available at Liebman's. On gym days students wear Navy sweat tops and sweat pants, plus a color-coded T-shirt that they receive in school.

Girls' Uniform:
Blouse: White Peter Pan
Jumper: #82 Plaid
Skirt: #82 Plaid
Skort: None
Girls' Pants (Optional): Navy Pleated
Sweater: Burgundy Cardigan
Tie: #82 Plaid Criss Cross
Shoes: Black Rubber Sole
Socks: Burgundy Knee High or Burgundy Tights

Boys' Uniform:
Shirt: White Shirt
Pants: Navy (long)
Sweater: Burgundy Cardigan and/or Burgundy Knit Vest
Tie: #82 Plaid or Burgundy
Shoes: Black Rubber Sole
Socks: Black

Gym Uniform:
Shirt: Colored School Logo T-shirt
Pants: Navy Sweatpants
Top: Navy School Logo Sweatshirt
Shoes: Sneakers