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A Message from Our Executive Director


Dear Bronx Better Learning Community,   

We appreciate your interest in our two schools, which serve approximately 1,100 students from pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5. We are eager to share with you what our schools have to offer!

Our programs exemplify educational excellence for all students by combining a rich, challenging pedagogy with an approach that nurtures learners as individuals.

Our students are among the highest performers in Mathematics, Science, and English Language Arts across New York State. 

We intentionally maintain the integrity of our educational instruction while encouraging and supporting the wellness of our staff, students, and parents.

BBL teachers are skilled at creating conditions that support high learning expectations. They are caring, responsive educators who inspire learners to explore concepts deeply, make discoveries and grow knowledge through self-education through engaging in increasingly challenging tasks. We support staff through ongoing coaching and professional development to promote the use of techniques to illuminate learning paths for students to master academic concepts.

Since 2003, the Bronx Charter School for Better Learning has existed to uphold equity and excellence in education for students in our local community. Preparing students for their futures begins during their most formative learning years. Our students go on to middle school and beyond, emboldened with healthy minds, critical-thinking skills, confidence, and intellectual character. These qualities comprise a robust foundation for continuous learning and the future professions of our rapidly evolving society.  

As we take pride in our 20 years of accomplishments, I invite you to join our passionate community.


Shubert Jacobs

Executive Director