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The Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning provide their students with a solid foundation for academic success, through achievement that exceeds citywide averages and meets or exceeds New York State Standards and national norms in all curriculum areas tested, especially in mathematics and language arts.

Our teaching constantly adjusts to the needs of our students, leading to independence, autonomy, responsibility, and a sustained love of learning, all of which contribute directly to high academic achievement.


We embarked on a radical experiment–and proved that Better Learning is working.

The first Bronx Charter School for Better Learning—BBL 1, was founded in 2003 by experienced teachers and school administrators, each of whom had worked in schools serving low-income communities. Several of its founders gave up managerial positions and returned to the classroom. 

Our second charter school successfully replicated what we achieved at our first. BBL 2 is a distinct school with its own students, teachers, and school leaders, but, together with BBL 1, under the umbrella of Bronx Charter School for Better Learning Education Corporation.

Our pedagogy, called the Subordination of Teaching to Learning, was developed by Dr. Caleb Gattegno. Dr. Gattegno's precise techniques and materials enable students to master new skills with minimal interference from the teacher.

Today, through BBL 1 and BBL 2, we primarily serve Latino and Black students; many from families that have recently immigrated from the Caribbean and Africa. More than 80 percent of our students are from low-income families.