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Bronx Charter School For Better Learning

Test Scores Are Here!

The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning 

Excels in Both Math & ELA  


The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning (BBL) has received the State Education Department results for the 2017-18 Grades 3-5 ELA and Math assessments.  This year’s results show the effectiveness of our school’s pedagogy, the Subordination from Teaching to Learning, developed by Dr. Caleb Gattegno. While BBL will always strive for improvement, we recognize the outstanding effort of our current faculty and staff, who have worked relentlessly to provide our community’s children with the best education possible. 

  • BBL students outperformed their district peers in Math (72.3% vs. 33.3%).BBL practices Gattegno’s approach to math, called Visible and Tangible Mathematics.  The approach is firmly rooted in scientifically proven, well-established methodology.  Relying heavily on the use of manipulatives, primarily Cuisenaire rods, teachers ensure that students develop models for thinking mathematically.  Essential objectives are achieved: students become swift and accurate in their computation skills while additionally focusing on problem solving activities that involve practice and real-world application of those skills. 
  • BBL students outperformed their district peers in ELA (57.5% vs. 35.2%).BBL teaches reading and writing skills by using Gattegno's Words in Color. This effective reading program focuses on elements of reading and writing one's native tongue:  phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency in decoding, vocabulary expansion, text comprehension, spelling, and self-expression through writing.  

We are delighted to share these results - and although they’re impressive, we realize that we still have lots to do. We are not a "test driven" school and welcome every child and celebrate their unique ability to learn here at BBL. We look forward to the upcoming school year to improve upon these scores.