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Bronx Charter School For Better Learning

Parent Webinars

  • With summer beginning soon, we have an opportunity to reflect on our experiences and consider how to help our children/students manage the effects of this challenging period. To that end, the Guidance Department invites you to attend our upcoming BBL Parent Support Workshop via Zoom. During these virtual workshops, our goals are to:
  • Foster/strengthen home-school relationships
  • Build support in a time of uncertainty
  • Identify approaches to coping/resilience within ourselves and our children/students


There are 4 sessions for you to choose from: Monday, June 29th or Tuesday, June 30th from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Register now for one of these sessions in the registration link:registration

  • In our efforts to provide you with different formats for support, our consultant, Andy Dousis, has produced a series of videos that are focused on helping you manage the home learning environment.  Mr. Dousis works with our staff year-round to provide a safe, nurturing environment for learning and has a wealth of experience.  Check out the videos in the menu to the right.  To maximize the intent of the videos, please watch in the order they are listed.