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Bronx Charter School For Better Learning

What is a Charter School?


Charter schools in New York State are free, public schools that are released from many of the regulations that apply to traditional public schools. However, charter schools are held to a higher level of accountability. Because each school is created by the approval of a"charter," the school must meet the charter's terms to remain open.


Although charter schools receive per pupil funding from their resident districts, they get only a portion of the funds that go to traditional public schools. Consequently, charter schools must seek additional financing through donations, grants and other resources.


Charter schools are started by dedicated individuals whose goal is to serve a particular population of students that, in their charter, they have shown to be currently under-served. Because of the hard work and vision of the school's founders, a charter school can fare well academically despite the reduced public funding. Nonetheless, tight budgets are always an issue.


Any school-aged, New York State resident can apply to enroll in a charter school. If a charter school receives more applications than it can accommodate, it selects students via a lottery. For information about our school's enrollment procedures, click here.


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