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Bronx Charter School For Better Learning

English Language Learners (ELLs)

English Language Learners


Consistent with our mission of giving all children the chance to succeed, the Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning welcome families of non-native speakers of English. We follow a careful screening process to provide the best support for children and families in households where languages besides English are spoken.


Once a child has been placed in the school, the parent/guardian completes a Home Language Information Survey. A member of our teaching staff helps the parent/guardian to complete this form.  We then determine if further screening is necessary based on the information in the survey.


The Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning will provide additional support needed for each child’s success, no matter the child’s language needs. We offer a freestanding English as a New Language (ENL) program to those children who already speak a language other than English. Such a program offers all language arts and subject matter instruction in English through the use of specific instructional strategies. Instruction and classwork are differentiated to meet each child’s needs. A qualified ENL teacher is also assigned to provide further support.


For further information and to answer any questions, please contact our English Language Learner Coordinators:


BBL 1: Satara James 

BBL 2: Amanda Yager 


A brochure from the New York City Department of Education contains helpful information. It is available in many languages by clicking here.


Click here for a complete listing of family resources for ENL learners.