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Bronx Charter School For Better Learning

Response to Intervention (RTI)

Student Support




The Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning have adopted the Response to Intervention (RTI) Model to ensure that all of our students’ needs are met.


What is RTI?

RTI is rigorous implementation of high quality, culturally and linguistically responsive instruction; assessment; and evidence-based intervention. Comprehensive RTI implementation helps us to better identify learning and behavioral issues, improve instructional quality, provide all students with the best opportunities to succeed in school, and assist with the identification of learning disabilities and other disabilities (


Tier I represents most of the general education population. Students in this tier are given access to a rigorous curriculum. They receive differentiated instruction and positive behavior supports.

Tier II consists of small-group instruction using evidence-based interventions to meet instructional goals created in an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) with an established duration and frequency. These students have been referred to the Pupil Assistance Team (PAT) and have been deemed eligible for further support. Students are closely monitored and progress is measured more frequently.

Tier III consists of an individual or a two-student group that meets for a longer duration, more frequently and in a separate location.  The student is eligible to work with his or her classroom support teacher and/or a special education teacher. Through regular monitoring of the student’s ILP progress, the PAT team, working closely with parents, is able to determine whether further assistance and more intense support is necessary. This could mean a referral to the Committee on Special Education (CSE).


Academic Support

To help ensure that all of our students’ needs are met, we designed an afterschool program called Academic Support. Academic Support meets twice weekly after school for an hour. Academic Support is a supplemental instruction program in which students receive individualized instruction from our trained staff members and work on skills and concepts with which they are struggling. All work is catered to the specific needs of the students. All students who are in Tier II or Tier III are eligible to attend the Academic Support.


For more information, please contact the Director of Student Support, Aderemi Ogundiran: [email protected]