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Bronx Charter School For Better Learning

Central Staff

Central Staff
Please click on "Our Staff" in the “Staff” dropdown menu for BBL 1 and BBL 2 teacher information.

Finance & Operations Manager
Ms. Nicole Tennant

Finance & Development Assistant
Mrs. Monique Green

IT Manager
Mr. Kevin Williams

Director of Fundraising & Communications
Mr. Denny Salas

Guidance Department

Director of Student Support (BBL 1 and BBL 2)
Dr. Aderemi Ogundiran


Guidance Counselor / Graduate Relations (BBL 1) 
Ms. Maureen Griffiths


Guidance Counselor (BBL 1)
Ms. Maxine Murray-Dick

School Social Worker (BBL 1)

Ms. Deatra Watts  


Guidance Counselor (BBL 2)
Ms. Salian Guerrier


Office Staff


Office Manager

Ms. Marcia Constable

Administrative Assistant-Operations
Ms. Dian Scott

Office Assistant
Ms. Johanny Hernandez

Office Assistant
Ms. Lorine Williams


School Nutrition 
Ms. Erma Clarke 
Mr. Terrence Wardally




Office Manager
Ms. Arlene Brown

Office Assistant
Ms. Monsita Colon


Professional Development
Director of Professional Development
Dr. Ted Swartz
Senior Professional Development Specialist 
Dr. Paula Hajar
Professional Development Specialist 
Dr. Bruce Ballard
Professional Development Specialist 
Ms. Stephanie Poillucci-Cruz