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Bronx Charter School For Better Learning

News Items

  • iCountBetter now has a child-friendly navigation system, with a login that allows teachers and parents to track progress.
  • As of the end of March, 14 “rooms” are completed, of the 15 rooms that will eventually constitute the full program. The 15th room, which is on the highest level, will be available next fall.
  • Jody Imbimbo, our grant independent evaluator, has begun visiting classrooms at both or our partner schools – and at BBL 1 and 2. She is gathering data on the use of iCountBetter and students’ and teachers’ experiences with the app.
  • Mid-Year 2 training sessions have been conducted at both PS 111 and CS 112.
  • Shetal Shah, our expert consultant on the use of technology in schools, remains available to meet with our partner school teachers individually or in small groups. She also can visit classes in either school.  If you work at our partner schools and want to meet with Shetal or ask her a question, email her at: