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Free and in one place: a fun and intuitive way to learn how to count and to read and write numbers, along with a strong understanding of what those numbers represent.

This groundbreaking app is like a well-equipped sandbox. Put children in it and they will find everything they need to explore, practice and master skills that typically stretch across years of schooling.

iCountBetter invites active investigation and practice, before self-testing. Animated demos are available for each topic at each level of difficulty. They provide, through a direct auditory and visual experience (no talking heads here!), only what learners could not otherwise figure out for themselves.

The app includes an intuitive and revolutionary order of presentation (10 is introduced after all of the other numbers up to 99!). In that way, iCountBetter minimizes reliance on boring memorization. Instead it prompts learners to use their innate intelligence and natural curiosity to unlock the otherwise hidden secrets of numeration, cardinal and ordinal numbers.

They quickly will be reading, writing and fully grasping the magnitude of small and large numbers, into the millions!

Perfect for home or school, now with an option for teachers easily to keep track of their classes’ progress on-line.

Completed with funding through a federal Charter School Dissemination Grant, iCountBetter is available for free on Apple’s app store, for iPads only.