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Completely updated with a fresh, new look, our iOS 11+ version of iSpellBetter reinvents the educational game genre. You’ll believe it when you play it.

Like all compelling videogames, it is great fun, with increasingly challenging levels, adjustable difficulty modes and delightful surprises for the determined, strategic player.

Amazingly, at the same time, you will become a better speller, as you vanquish words that are not just right-side-up, but once you get to Level 4, upside-down, backwards, plus both upside-down and backwards! You had better earn and save your power-ups, since you’re sure to need them.

It’s not just practice or a test of what you already know… no letter scramble disguised as a game. Rather, our straightforward and engaging approach taps your natural capacity to form, hold and retrieve visual images. You’ll not only easily and enjoyably learn the words you encounter in the game – including your own word lists, if you choose – you’ll actually become a much better speller in general.