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Dr. Thomas Howard, Jr.

For more than twenty years, Dr. Thomas Howard has served as a noteworthy official in education leadership and the charter school movement. You may know his work at Boys & Girls Harbor, a nonprofit educational corporation in Harlem, New York, and Victory Schools, a charter school management company covering New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Dr. Howard joined Bronx Better Learning in March 2020, and led us through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic which included transitioning a well-regarded educational approach to a fully remote platform, passing a school budget with expenses incurred by COVID-19 and increased technology costs, and working with the Board of Trustees to develop a multi-year strategic plan.

Dr. Howard holds honors from the New Jersey School Psychologists as the Educator of the Year.

Dr. Howard earned his Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University, his MS from Rider University, and BS from Winston-Salem State University, a Historically Black University in Winston-Salem, NC. He believes that every child has the potential, from birth, for intellectual brilliance and that Bronx Better Learning’s mission is to support the discovery process for each and every student.

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